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Improving product quality, service, and overall value to customer is at the heart of our corporate strategy. We have adopted JAS as standard for quality control. Together they form a coherent set of quality management system facilitating mutual understanding in national and international trade and enhance customer satisfaction

Ikeuchi Products produced in JAS Certified Factories
※Certificate Number
Shizunai Factory (Japan)
General Plywood ※JPIC-PW6                
Insect Retardant General Plywood ※JPIC-PW6
Plywood for Concrete Frame ※JPIC-PW6
Plywood for Construction ※JPIC-PW6
Fancy Plywood With Special Processing ※JPIC-DW2
Fire Retardant Plywood ※RM-9340
Fire Retardant Plywood F☆☆☆☆ (Certified by Minister) ※MFN-0910
Flame Retardant Plywood (Certified by the Chief of Fire and Disaster Management Agency) ※BFE-①-1178

Ikutmaju Factory (Malaysia)
General Plywood ※JPIC-PW 74
Insect Repellent Plywood ※JPIC-PW 74
Plywood for Concrete Frame ※JPIC-PW 74
Low Formaldehyde Plywood for Concrete Frame ※JPIC-PW 74
Plywood for Construction ※JPIC-PW 74
Low Formaldehyde Plywood for Construction ※JPIC-PW 74
Laminated Veneer Lumber (Low Formaldehyde) ※JPIC-LV 23
Insect Repellent Laminated Veneer Lumber (Low ※JPIC-LV 23
Formaldehyde) (                ※JPIC-LT 173
Laminated Board for  (Low Formaldehyde) ※JPIC-FL 60
Flooring Board (Low Formaldehyde) ※JPIC-FL 60
Engineered Flooring Type1 ※JPIC-FL 60
Engineered Flooring Type 2

Green Procurement Regulation in Japan
Certified Company relating to the legality and sustainability of Wood and Wooden Products  ※Hokkaido-①-0002(Japan Plywood Merchant Guild)

CARB (California Air Resources Board)

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

CARB certificate of conformity : TPC 6/CARB-ATCM/M052-HWPW042

Category of Composite Wood Product: Hardwood Plywood Veneer Core
Formaldehyde Emission Standard : Phase2(0.05ppm)

EPA certificate of conformity : TPC 6/EPA-TSCA-M052-HWPW042

Date of issue : 21/Feb/2018

Expiration date : 20/Feb/2019

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