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<合板・単板>Thickness 2.5mm〜30.0mm
Width 3feet〜4feet
Length 6feet〜4,200mm

A full range of plywood in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and types are available

Basswood Plywood
Fair and Fine grained Plywood with smoothness and flexibility. Used for Classic Furniture and fittings.

White Basswood Plywood
Worked out to enjoy the beauty of Basswood Plywood. Good for Clear Coating.

Tapeless & Stringless Plywood
Plywood produced with a special technique of not using Tape and String for surface Veneer, which removes the anxiety of Tape delamination and appearance.

Dust-free Basswood Plywood
Top coated to protect the Fine grained and beautiful Basswood surface, which has the effect of dust-free. Used environmentally friendly material. Coating easy.

Falcata Core Basswood Plywood
Suitable for a die, for being lighter and easier to process compare with usual Lauan core plywood.

Dirt-free and smooth Clear finishing, but the surface looks still natural. Carefree for condensation even in a store room since the topcoating breathes.

Curve Plywood
Bend Elastically and Powerfully in order to make a beautiful curve. Available in Basswood and Lauan. Various selection of curving degree and direction.

Die Board
Plywood for Die to make paper boxes and etc. Special structure Basswood Plywood with high precision in thickness and advanced technology.

Long Plywood
Plywood with the length of 2,430mm Thickness:2.5〜35mm、Max.Width: 1,220mm、Max.Length: 4,200mm

Fire Retardant Plywood
Plywood infiltrated with special Fire Retardant solution. Basswood and Lauan surface are available.

Flame Retardant Plywood
Plywood with Flame Retardant Performance. The fire service law designates to use this plywood for a certain usage.

Fireproof Board
Used Fire Retardant Material as a base, coated with Aluminum Foil and covered with Basswood plywood. Satisfy the strict criterion of the Building Standards Law in Japan. Standard Size:6.5mm x 910mm x 1820mm

UNIPLY - Laminated Veneer Lumber
Laminated Veneers with all the grains running in the same direction and parallel to each other. Used as Cores and Frames.

Polyester Plywood
Ikeuchi has Styrene less Polyester Plywood as well as Polyester Fancy Plywood. Various colors and Gross are also available

Species: Basswood, Oak, Birch, Aspen, Hard Maple, Red Oak, White Oak,Seraya, Kapur
Thickness: 0.6mm ~ 4.8mm Size:3’x6’, 4’x8’ & special sizes

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