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1913Ikeuchi Wood is founded in Engaru, Hokkaido.
1929Relocated to Urakawa, Hokkaido.
1932Relocated to Samani, Hokkaido.
1942Relocated headquarters to Shizunai, Hokkaido.
1947Established Ikeuchi Kogyo in Saroma, Tokoro-gun, Hokkaido.
1951Ikeuchi Veneer is incorporated.
1958Ikeuchi Kogyo is incorporated and relocated to Engaru, Hokkaido.
1965Ike Trading Co. ,Ltd, is established in New York, USA
Later relocated to Portland to become the base of Import & Export.
1975In April - Ikeuchi Construction Co. ,Ltd, is established.
In June- Ikeuchi Industry Co. ,Ltd, as trading firm, is established.
1987Ike International Corporation is established in Stanley Wisconsin, USA.
1988Started JV with Khaspermata Sdn Bhd in Tawau, Malaysia.
At the same time, Rep.Office is set up in Tawau, Malaysia.。
1990Started Lumber Core mill, JV with Fook Ngiap Sawmill in Tawau, Malaysia.
1991Started Sawn Timber mill, JV with Manila Paper Mill Inc.in Philippines.
Started producing plywood in Indonesia, JV with PT Sumber Mas Indah Plywood.
1992Built Lumber Core mill, JV with Manila Paper Mill Inc.in Philippines.
1993In October - Apollo Investment (S) Pte Ltd is established in Singapore.
1994In February - Ikutmaju Sdn Bhd is established in Tawau, Malaysia.
1998In February - Hei Long Jiang Sen Tat Co. ,Ltd, is established in Tie Li, China.
Hiroshi IKEUCHI, Inaugurated as Chairman and Kazuhide IKEUCHi as President.
Ikeuchi Kogyo, Ikeuchi Industry and Ikeuchi Veneer are integrated into Ikeuchi Veneer Co. ,Ltd, for its efficient business.
1999In May - Apollo Investment (S) Pte Ltd, sets up Purchasing office in Surabaya, Indonesia.
In Dec - All products from Ikutmaju Sdn Bhd become JAS F1 standard.
2001Hansen (Dalian) Co. ,Ltd, is established in March. It specializes in veneerprocessing. On December 18, Ikutmaju Sdn Bhd obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification in scope of manufacturing of playwood.
2003The 90th anniversary
Hansen (Dalian) Co. ,Ltd,: Starts to produce Finger Joint Laminated Board.
Hansen(Dalian) Co. ,Ltd,: Starts to produce Flooring.
Hansen (Dalian) Co. ,Ltd, obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification.
2005In Jan - Shizunai factory was authorized as ISO 9001:2000
2007In Apr – Ikutmaju Factory starts to produce Floorings with Tropical Woods.
In Apr – Hansen (Dalian)Co.,Ltd, obtains the certificate of JAS for flooring.
In Oct – At the Ikutmaju Factory, we have finished the installation andcurrently running the biomass electricity generator.
All the power of production equipment and heat sources are supplied from biomasselectricity generator.
2009In Oct – Ikutmaju Factory was authorized as CARB
In Nov – Ikutmaju Factory was authorized as FSC-COC
2010In Oct – Ikutmaju Factory has renewed their ISO status as ISO9000:2008
In Nov – Shizunai Factory has renewed their ISO status as ISO9001:2008
2013100th anniversary
2018In Feb – Ikutmaju Factory was authorized as EPA

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